Indonesian Food Bloggers – Based in Jakarta

I’ve been blogging since October 25th, 2012. It’s been fun. You can see my honest reviews from my experiences.


Below, I will share the list of Indonesian food bloggers in Jakarta. If you know others, please let me know 🙂

Alvian Silver

Anak Jajan – Julia Veronica and Marius Tjenderasa

Buncit Foodies – Kezia, Karen, Arvin

Caramelle on Top – Jessica Christy

Culinary Bonanza – Ellyna Tjohnardi

The Hooman Being – Eddy Suryadi & Shelmi Setiawan

Designer Doyan Makan – Dandy Irawan

Eat and Treats – Hans Danial

Eater, Thinker, Dreamer – Nathania Larissa

Eating Until Die – An Nur Khairisa

Foodirectory – Andrey and Windy

Food Steps Journal – Leonardo Slatter

Foodventurer – Prawnche

Foolosophy – Aline Chandra Rusdiani

Gadis Rakus – Lidya Rachma

Gastronomy Aficionado – Rian Farisa

Heytheresia – Theresia

Hungry Doctor, The – Filipus Verdi Danutirto Tan

Irene’s Getting Fat – Irene Christiana

JenzCorner – Jeny Kwok

LulabySpoon – Cindy and June

The Morning Brew – Fiona Tjokro

Makan Sampai Kenyang – Prathama Gilang

Milky Way Cafe – Kinan L Wirastani

Ms Always Hungry – Edith Fyansa

My Fun Food Diary – Mullie Marlina

My Happiness in Food – Buby Sofia

My Journal My Life – Cindy Joesman

Selby’s Food Corner – Selba He

Soompeat – Paulus Tjia

Tummy Prosperity – Jessica Gaby

Urban Outeaters – Posh Eater & Chic Eater

Wanderbites – Fellexandro Ruby

The list is based on alphabetical order.

Hope this article can help others and each other.


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